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Art of 'Sky: Children of the Light'

Yuichiro Tanabe  (Lead Artist, ThatGameCompany)

Date: Wednesday, August 5

Time: 5:00pm - 5:30pm

Pass Type: Conference Pass - Get your pass now!

Topic: Visual Arts, Design

Format: Session

Vault Recording: Video

Audience Level: All

Sky: Children of the Light (Sky) is a spiritual successor to Flower and Journey, a mobile online multiplayer game developed by thatgamecompany.
This talk covers how the art team applies the studio philosophy to the visualization of the game to achieve the goal of creating a positive emotional experience that connects players worldwide and appealing to all ages.
The presentation will discuss about three main elements in the game; environment, theming and progression of levels, and character design.
For the environment you will see how the "light" is used both visually and thematically in making emotional environments. Then through multiple levels you see how different themes are used to show an emotional progression, and finally go over character design to share challenges faced in designing characters for an online multiplayer game.


We believe thatgamecompany has a unique philosophy and approach to making games. We hope that the attendees will take away our methods as a tool when forming their own philosophy into a theme, then visualize the theme into an experience.

Intended Audience

This is presented from the perspective of an artist, focused on visual solutions to achieve goals in creating emotional experiences. This presentation may appeal to those who have an interest in environment art, visual storytelling, and character design.