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Destructible Environments in 'Control': Lessons in Procedural Destruction

Johannes Richter  (Principal VFX Artist, Remedy)

Date: Tuesday, August 4

Time: 7:00am - 7:30am

Pass Type: Conference Pass - Get your pass now!

Topic: Visual Arts, Programming

Format: Session

Vault Recording: Video

Audience Level: All

This talk showcases the technology used and lessons learned creating the destructible world of Remedys Oldest House in 'Control'. It will outline which technological and creative constraints had to be navigated to suit the visual style, performance requirements and overall look and feel of Control's paranormal but grounded reality.

Covering the principles of how dynamically destructible environments can be achieved, it will give a detailed look on the Houdini based procedural pipeline used to create the games' destructible content. It demonstrates the path of an asset from conception to destruction and will also allow to shed some light on the glad-we-dids and should-not-haves of the used approach and ideas for future development.


Attendees will get an insight into the principles, design decisions and workflows of procedurally created dynamically destructible environments. The presented material will give good reference for understanding, assessing and designing similar systems for their own needs.

Intended Audience

Intended audience are VFX artists, technical artists, someone with interest in games and game technology, proceduralism and and/or Houdini enthusiasts. Prior knowledge and experience in related subjects is recommended but not essential.