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Hear Me Feel Me Let Me Play: Lessons from 'Unscramble the Oracle' a BOSE AR Audio-First AR Game

Nicole Lazzaro  (President, XEODesign, Inc.)

Date: Tuesday, August 4

Time: 5:00pm - 5:30pm

Pass Type: Conference Pass - Get your pass now!

Topic: Audio

Format: Session

Vault Recording: Video

Audience Level: Intermediate

3 Lessons from our BOSE AR Audio-First game. While photorealistic graphics grab the lion share of attention, deeply immersive experiences must address all of the senses. This talk covers a post mortem of an audio-only Unscramble the Oracle (BOSE AR) game using fully spatialized interactive audio scapes that require no vision. Come learn about the challenges we faced creating this first of a kind interactive walkable audiobook. Learn how storytelling, navigation, character interaction change when the player can only can hear. Together we look at how we succeeded and stumbled in creating an audio world to explore with native head, body, and interactions How we leveraged characters, specialize sound, and audio UX. What audio attributes increased spatial positioning, what reduced it, and how create audio highlight states. Additionally, it offers lessons from designing to the other senses hearing and touch including several techniques to cross talk and fool the senses.


Attendees will walk away with concrete examples and techniques for spatial audio design for AR as well as traditional games. Position is the power of immersive audio. Attendees will learn how precise location separates one audio source from another and the motion of these audio sources unlocks new story telling possibilities. Additionally how to create flexible layouts for the Real World in AR. The lessons in immersive audio also offers lessons for highly dynamic flat screen game worlds that are more than a backdrop for gameplay. Additionally, attendees will learn how to enhance button and object interaction in an audio only world.

Intended Audience

Audio engineers, game designers, and developers of all game platforms will walk away with insights in how leverage psychological properties of sound and how to use use spacialized audio to tell stories, crate interactive audio objects and menus, and interact with a game world that they can hear but not see.

These lessons are also suitable for developers of flat screen games wishing to create more immersive experiences.