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Skill-Building Series: Building the Metaverse through User Generated Content and the Cloud

Deepak Chandrasekaran  (VP of Product, Developer, Roblox)

Date: Tuesday, August 4

Time: 10:00am - 10:45am

Pass Type: Conference Pass - Get your pass now!

Topic: Programming

Format: Interactive Session

Vault Recording: Video

Traditionally game development is a highly specialized field where developers have to be cognizant of a variety of platforms such as console, desktop, and mobile, design their games with these platform nuances in mind, create special builds for each platform, think about form factor for each platform etc. to deliver their games to the masses. Roblox has taken a completely different approach to game development on its platform and focuses on content streaming, cloud infrastructure, and accessibility across all major platforms from console to mobile. This dramatically reduces the time taken for developers to create and deliver content and enables creators of all ages and skill level to be able to create compelling content for millions of players across the globe to discover and enjoy. In this talk, Roblox VP of Product, Deepak (Sorcus) Chandrasekaran will outline why Roblox's unique approach is the optimal way not only to build game content but also the Metaverse.

Joel Couture, Contributing Editor of Gamasutra, will be joining this session as moderator.


A UGC-powered platform’s job is to provide the tools for the community to create games on the platform, the infrastructure that seamlessly allows popular games to scale, translation and other internationalization tools that help the game reach broader audiences, and an economy that is designed to allow a developer to use multiple monetization tools to engage audiences and earn a living from their creation. In addition, several other barriers to entry much be overcome including:

• Close to zero cost upfront to develop and deliver games
• Close to zero bureaucracy or process to deliver games to players
• Cloud infrastructure and integrated services to accelerate game development
• Having an audience of over 120 million potential users to play your creation

If these barriers are addressed in a way that allows anyone to easily build and publish a game, the best experiences rise to the top, are shared among the community members, and the developer community works together to create a safe, civil, fully functioning ecosystem.

Intended Audience

Beginner, intermediate, and indie developers as well as aspiring engineers and product leads