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The Calm in the Storm: An Introvert's Guide to Success

Joshua Huber  (Rigging Specialist, Vicarious Visions)

Pass Type: All Access Pass, Core Pass, Summits Pass, Expo Pass, Audio Pass, Independent Games Summit Pass

Topic: Advocacy

Format: Session

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: N/A: I prefer to present live on-site but I am open to delivering a virtual presentation

Our society cultivates and rewards extroverts, even though one-third to one-half of us are introverts. As we continue to strive to be more inclusive of all diversities, the introverted person is easily overlooked and is often not utilized to their full potential. With things like open floor plan offices and large group meetings, game development can often exacerbate this trend. In this talk, Vicarious Visions' Joshua Huber will break down the introverted personality and share his experiences over the past 12-years as an introverted game developer and more recently as an introverted lead. Weaving information from the human and behavior sciences with real world game-dev examples, we will explore how to make your studio more inclusive of introverts, how introverts can use their personalities to their advantage, and how introverts fare in the more recent work from home environment.


Attendees will learn what an introvert is and what their tendencies are. Introverts will learn more about themselves and how they can utilize their personality to be more effective in the workplace and as a leader. Extroverts will learn how introverts operate and gain a better idea of how to be more mindful and inclusive of introverts.

Intended Audience

Anyone interested in being more inclusive of all personality types and improving interactions and collaboration in their studio will benefit from this talk. There is no prerequisite knowledge necessary.