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Future Realities Summit: Hands Best: How AR & VR Devs Can Make the Most of Hand Tracking

Summit Speakers: Brian Schwab  (LEGO Group), John Blau  (Schell Games)

Location: Room 2006, West Hall

Pass Type: All Access Pass, Summits Pass, All Access Online Only Pass

Topic: VR/AR

Format: Session

Viewing Experience: In-Person/Virtual Livestream

Designing Augmented Reality Games with Snapdragon Spaces (Presented by Qualcomm)

Sponsor Speakers: Steve Lukas  (Qualcomm), Katie McCort

Location: Room 2000, West Hall

Pass Type: All Access Pass, Core Pass, Summits Pass, Expo Plus Pass, Audio Pass, Independent Games Summit Pass

Topic: Design

Format: Sponsored Session

Viewing Experience: In-Person

Building Next-Gen Games for PlayStation VR2 with Unity (Presented by Unity)

Sponsor Speakers: Fabien Houlmann  (Unity Technologies), Bria Williams  (Unity Technologies), David Ruddell  (Unity Technologies), Jono Forbes  (Unity Technologies)

Location: Room 2020, West Hall

Pass Type: All Access Pass, Core Pass, Summits Pass, Expo Plus Pass, Audio Pass, Independent Games Summit Pass

Topic: Programming

Format: Sponsored Session

Viewing Experience: In-Person

A Brave New (Virtual) World: Ethics and Governance of XR and the Metaverse

Speakers: Micaela Mantegna  (Berkman Klein Center at Harvard), Avi Bar-Zeev  (RealityPrime), Kurt Opsahl  (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Andres Guadamuz  (University of Sussex), Dylan Urquidi  (Unity Technologies & Unity Labs)

Location: Room 2001, West Hall

Pass Type: All Access Pass, Core Pass, Summits Pass, Expo Plus Pass, Expo Pass, Audio Pass, Independent Games Summit Pass, Career Development Pass, All Access Online Only Pass

Topic: Advocacy

Format: Session

Viewing Experience: In-Person/Virtual

Lukas, Steve

Title: Director, Product Management

Company: Qualcomm

Steve Lukas is a Director of Product Management for the XR group at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., where he manages the technical Developer Relations and Product Management for Qualcomm’s Augmented Reality ecosystem. Steve has over 8 years of experience in XR including investment diligence at Qualcomm Ventures, building his own AR/VR startup, and running Magic Leap’s Developer Relations overseeing both the consumer and enterprise sectors. He drove the development and release of the MRTK plug-in for Magic Leap and co-edited the O'Reilly publication, "Creating Augmented and Virtual Realities" in 2019. Steve has a Bachelor's in Visual Arts from the University of California San Diego and a Master's in Computer Science from San Diego State University.

McCort, Katie

Title: -

Katie McCort has seven years of experience leading product and market insights for emerging XR hardware and gaming, including contributions to the GTM and product plans for Magic Leap One: Creator Edition and Magic Leap 1 for Enterprise. She has also authored Webby Award-winning research projects on the video game developer economy for the Entertainment Software Association. Most recently, Katie led analytics on Marvel's Avengers for Crystal Dynamics

Schwab, Brian

Title: Director of Interaction & Creative Play Lab

Company: LEGO Group

Brian spent many years in the game industry making everything from a Genesis JRPG to a 30-foot tall ride to AAA products. He worked with teams, companies, and games of all sizes and shapes. He then busted out and worked as the head of the Interaction Lab at Magic Leap for a while, exploring wearable tech and the new HCI universe of spatial computing. Now, he leads a team to push the boundaries of "LEGO: the world's oldest mixed reality company" (his phrase) in making physical and digital play combine in new magical ways in their Creative Play Lab. Someday, when he grows up, he wants to be a voice actor.

Urquidi, Dylan

Title: Research-Engineer & XR Designer

Company: Unity Technologies & Unity Labs

Dylan Urquidi is a research-engineer & XR-designer at Unity Labs, the research division of Unity Technologies. Dylan has won awards for his work at Unity Labs, engineering & designing tools like "EditorXR", which won the "Best in Virtual Tech" award at the SF Design week. His creative tools have been featured at events such as Magic Leap's keynote, SIGGRAPH, GDC/VRDC, and others. His current research is focused upon pushing the boundaries of UX & interaction in social XR, with AI in mind. His work at Unity Labs has been directed toward the intersection of XR, BCI, EMG, society, ethics, and consciousness. In that regard, he is also an occasional advisor to the XRSI (X Reality Safety Initiative, group, covering XR/ethics/privacy. Outside of his capacity at Unity Labs, Dylan is a multi-medium generative-artist, directing/designing AI-artists and XR experiences. His first VR art experience, titled "Dream", released on the Oculus/GearVR platform many years ago, was among the first VR art experiences available on any commercial platform. Since then, his XR/VR works have been exhibited privately on various platforms. Relevant speaker history: 2016 : UNITE : "Building the Metaverse in the Metaverse" 2016 : IDSA : "The future of XR and industrial design" 2017 : SIGGRAPH : "Real Time Live" 2017 : Game UX Summit : "XR UX : Today & tomorrow" 2017 : AR/VR MunchnLearn : "UX in VR / XR" 2018 : "Binary Salon" : "Art & design in XR" 2018 : GDC/VRDC : "The future of design in XR" 2020 : SIGGRAPH : "Unity & Comicon" 2020 : Crypto Art Week : "The future of cryptoart : with Jesse Damiani" 2021 : Games For Change : "Wild Futures Panel"

Williams, Bria

Title: Senior Product Manager

Company: Unity Technologies

Bria started out her career as a software engineer, working at companies like Citrix before transitioning into product management. In this role, she has been overseeing products and developments in the spatial computing space since 2016, after finding her beginning at Magic Leap. Currently, she works on Unity Technology’s XR Tools team, making the world better, one creator at a time.